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Music Meme - Song II: Handlebars by Flobots

Sooo I was doing a meme on my Master's journal (beholdthedrums). Sorta half doing it here too, since this song doesn't have anything to do with the Master lol.

1.) Select songs of your choice.
2.) Write two different fics/drabbles/whatever from each song. Change the lyric, the character, whichever.
3.) …Profit?

Song: Handlebars by Flobots
Characters: 1 - the Doctor / 2 - the Doctor (human)
Words: 837
Notes: Both very loosely have spoilers. 1 through Water of Mars, 2 through series 4. Loosely.

“I can do anything with no permission, I have it all under my command.”
-Handlebars, Flobots

The Doctor grins because they’ve just made this all too easy for him. “That’s it?” he quips, leaning over the railing and looking down at the small gathering. “That’s your little secret you’ve been trying to keep me from?” He lets out a breath. “Not very exciting. I thought it’d be… oh, I don’t know, bigger? Not that I’m saying size matters or anything, it’s just, well.” He scratches his head and offers them a shrug, then straightens and heads for the iron steps, cheerfully descending.

One of the workers gets a hold of himself and shouts, “How’d you get in here? No one’s allowed back here!”

“I’m allowed wherever I please,” the Doctor replies coolly. He stuffs his hands in his pockets and approaches the worker when he reaches the level. “Do you know what kind of technology your employers have you working on?” He waits only a moment before continuing. “This here,” he nods behind them, “has the capabilities of destroying a good chunk of your little solar system. So! Either you lot knew all this and are in on your employers’ plan, or you’ve been too thick to ask any questions, in which case I don’t really want anything to do with you anyway.”

“Call security,” the worker hisses to another nearby.

“Security! Good one. Because no one does anything on their own these days, eh?” He weaves around the cluster of uncertain men towards a fenced off section, slipping on his glasses and peering through the fence’s holes. “The power of something so small. Reminds me of all these new phones Earth is getting.”

He peers over his shoulder at them. “You should get your hands on one of those. Can do all sorts of things now. Not that I need one. Would be better for you folks though, let me tell you. Better than getting your hands on an explosive such as this little fella. Let’s just get a looksie, hm?” A hand snakes inside his coat and he brandishes his screwdriver, then goes to work on a section of the protecting fence.

“Sir, please don’t! Without clearance you can’t –”

“Is that really all you can do? Site rules and regulations to me but not actually do anything? I wonder who the brains of this operation really is.”

“That’d be me.”

The Doctor perks immediately and pivots towards the low voice, facing quite a grouchy looking old man.

“Oh? Well, nice to meet you. I’m the Doctor, and I’m putting an end to this. And no, I’m not giving you a choice in the matter.” His expression hardens. “The universe needs less people like you every day.”

“Look at me, look at me, just called to say that it’s good to be alive in such a small world, all curled up with a book to read.”
-Handlebars, Flobots

John Smith taps a pencil against the book’s binding idly, resting back in the shade of the porch. His mind was more on other things than the book, however. He hadn’t quite gotten use to limiting his thoughts; his efforts in multitasking thus far have all ended badly, and most often with Jackie Tyler’s raised voice scolding him.

Not like the complications were his fault.

Today’s multiple thoughts were simple: when Pete and Rose would be home, what was for dinner, whether or not Jackie would be trying to teach him how to ‘properly’ do laundry anytime soon or if he was safe with his reading for now.

“This is all wrong,” he murmurs after a moment of focusing back on his book, “time travel doesn’t work that way. It can’t. Genetics? Where do people get these ideas…”

“It’s fiction, dear. Creativity! We need something to amuse ourselves!” Jackie does interrupt him, stepping up to his chair and plucking the book from his grasp, gently swatting him with it.

“Oi! Jackie, don’t lose my page!” he says, reaching to grab for it. She rolls her eyes and hands it back, her thumb tucked between pages to hold his spot. She knows he wouldn’t remember it otherwise; he forgets things a lot. Part of him is constantly trying to keep his oldest memories fresh. He doesn’t want to lose the pieces that made him who he was. Is.

It’s a lot of work.

John makes sure to slide a bookmark in, then looks back up to Jackie. “Did you need something?”

“The rest of the family will be home soon. Dinner’s on the stove, the baby’s napping. A good, calm day, I think.”

“Yes,” he agrees, slumping back with a small smile. “Calm is good to have, I think.”

She whacks his arm with a hand, making a face when he tries to look offended. “Get up and stop slackin’ off. You can mop the floor.”


“You don’t even appreciate that book. Now come on, up!”

John sighs. He knew he should have gone with Rose today.

Song I: Blindness by Metric - 1 - the Master / 2 - the Doctor


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