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just His replica

FIC: Replica

Character(s): John Smith and the Master
Summary: John Smith doesn't want to be the Doctor, but sometimes he has to try as hard as he can to fit that role.
Rating: PG-13
Words: 1,920
Warning: Sort of dark, brief mentions of character death, angst >>;

So initially I wanted more practice writing 10.5, 'cause I don't really do it a lot. Of course, I was hoping to do practice centered on him being more action-y and in a pleasant mood. Yeah, this went in a completely different direction, but I am heavily pleased with how it came out.

He follows to the places where he can see the light in the sky. It’s rare these days. These days, he has to climb to the highest building in the city, yet even the zeppelins still manage to block out most of his view. He dreams of other worlds that another-him has been to, worlds that he only has memories of. He’s lost so much of the mind of the Doctor, so much of Donna. He’s John Smith now, and he doesn’t know who he is at all.

Also, sponsored accounts opened up again \o/ So I nabbed one up despite not using him as much as some chars. Journal layout could be better though... ah well. I cheated with some of the icons. I think most people do anyway, because it's not like he had an uber amount of screen time, but whatev. He's still in blue :|


don't ever say goodbye

February 2010

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